Training to present

Delivering a presentation – a live ‘performance’ in front of an audience – can be frightening. However, presenting your work and handling questions effectively is a great opportunity to increase your profile within the scientific community. Good use of your voice and body language and good-looking visual aids such as Microsoft PowerPoint slides are clearly important. But so too are good preparation, an ability to deal with unforeseen equipment problems and dealing with presentation nerves.

Workshops cover:
  • being prepared to present – knowing your audience, logistics, getting resources together
  • handling equipment and the physical environment
  • rehearsing and keeping to time
  • handling presentation nerves
  • dealing with questions and difficult people
  • effective use of voice and body language
  • guidelines on producing a strong introduction, flowing content and memorable conclusion
  • designing clear, relevant, attractive and professional-looking slides.
Courses are supplemented by:
  • informal group presentations
  • videos of expert presenters
  • individual presentations with trainer feedback
  • demonstration of good vs. poor slide design
  • use of video for personal feedback
  • personal presentation improvement workshop
  • slide formatting workshop.