Why Libra for medical writing?

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Some challenges in healthcare communications...

▪Is the language of a communication medically accurate and medically appropriate?

▪Are marketing claims appropriately supported by robust clinical evidence?

▪Is a marketing strategy targeting the right audience in the right way to ensure maximum impact?

▪What can (reasonably) be done to rejuvenate a product with no single distinct competitive advantage?

▪Why isn’t a communication strategy working?

...and how I may be able to help...

Experience in healthcare

I have had a career in medicine and healthcare, which enables me to understand the science, language and delivery of medical care, which I believe is critical to tackle some of the above challenges of healthcare communication projects.

Experience in medical writing: areas of expertise
  • Support for agencies, pharmaceutical and medical equipment company marketers in the development of healthcare communications.
  • Refining healthcare communications through evaluation and proofing of critical medical marketing material to ensure credibility and accuracy.
  • Preparation of training material for healthcare professionals and medical affairs teams: workshop material and programmes, self-guided learning decks.
  • Delivery of successful advisory board meetings through: KOL management, agenda design, meeting facilitation, and writing, editing and proofing of outputs.
  • Making the most of healthcare market research data by supplementary analysis and presentation of information in a succinct and easily assimilated format.
  • Developing and editing congress presentations to ensure content and layout are optimised for understanding and viewing.

Some clients as an agency medical writer and freelancer
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Boston Scientific
  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • Emedits Global Ltd
  • Europa Organisation
  • InterComm International
  • Novartis
  • Parexel
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • Wave Healthcare Communications